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EVE Online Expansion: Crius

Possible meanings of the word Ram, Seamonster, kind of mussel (or clam), kind of ship, part of an irrigation system, volute on the Corinthian capital, twisted like a ram’s horn. [Sources: Wiki, Harvard]

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Everyone Loves Swag!

Especially collectible swag with major significance – and this offering is the ultimate in EVE Online swag – EVE: Source! Not only is it the ultimate in history and lore, you cannot get it online …

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E-sport tournament to feature prize purse of +25,000 USD

This weekend the EVE Online PVP tournament, appropriately named “New Eden Open II” is streaming on Twitch. You can catch the action right now by tuning in. The format is an 8 vs 8 and …

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EVE-Stratics Site Migration

Greetings everyone! I am Kirthag, the Editor in Chief and VP of Publishing at Stratics. I simply want to let you all know that will soon be migrating into a new format with the …

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CCP erects monument for gamers

Source: CCP While the monument was already announced on Fanfest 2013, come april 30th 2014 (just one day before Fanfest 2014) – Iceland will have a new monument. If you’re considering getting involved in the …