The TGN staff is big and counts video editors, forum moderators, content contributors and various IT Professionals in various sizes which are all contributing to the gaming network that is TGN.

TGN Stratics! is mostly written content and most of the volunteers here are forum moderators and editors. The EVE Stratics! team is comprised of EVE gamers that simply volunteer to bring you content for the game whether it be exclusive interviews, articles, reviews or straight up giveaways to help spice up the downtime between your facemelting sessions. We’re a fansite like many others.

We share good relations with the CCP Development team which makes some of our content more easy to obtain, but that doesn’t mean we’re wearing rosetinted monocles and live in a world filled with ponies and rainbows. We can get as frustrated as some of you.


EVE Stratics! staff:

Nikolaj “Vince” Vincent
Managing Editor

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Joined the EVE Community for the first time in 2007 to do some research on Smuggling for Star Wars: Galaxies. Returned in late 2009 and have been playing ever since.

He has been a part of the Sony Online Entertainment Senate Program (player reps) for 3 years, nominated by players for more than 5 consequtive terms and spent a year in Sony Online Entertainments Community Council program from 2010-2011; A group of ~60 players providing feedback in an advisory position for upcoming products.

His familiarity with representing different communities and knowledge of social aptivity gives him a strong community profile and he if anyone knows  which people to sweettalk to get a point across in the gaming industry.

He joined EVE Stratics! in february 2010 and revitalized the portal as ME. Even though he joined EVE University to be close to the news, he has since left to find out how deep the rabbit hole really is and is currently residing in a wormhole.


Asistant Managing Editor

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An avid EVE player, family man and blogger, Orakkus joined as a regular writer and was since asked to step up as Managing Editor. He’s been blogging since 2010, playing since 2005 and has a background as a mercenary, pirate and general nullsec dweller.

He’s decided to tone it down a notch but is on the team as Assistant Managing Editor.

Other Stratics Staff:

Taylor “Syrus” Smith
Director of Operations

Sets the vision for network-wide development and oversees content production, community advancement, and customer outreach, ensuring that Stratics remains true to its mission “to serve the player and assist the developer in constructing tomorrow’s fantasy, while facilitating the optimal gaming environment today.”


Petra Fyde
Forum Administrator

Petra handles mangement of staff and public forums as well as site wide recommendations and decisions.


Forum Administrator

Magdalene is reaching out to past and current but inactive staff as well as focus on assisting overall site volunteer activity.


News Administrator

Managing human capital, improving the recruitment process, and converting existing content to WordPress.


thesimkin (Stephen DeGabriele)

Stephen is working on hardware/server issues.


George Vanous


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